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Vredestein: Snowtrac

Vredestein, most commonly known as Apollo Vredestein B.V. is a 100 year old brand which is part of the Apollo Tyres Ltd from India. It is well known in the vehicle industry since it designs, manufactures and sells high-quality tyres under the Apollo and Vredestein brand names via offices in Europe and North America. Vredestein has its head office in Enschede, the Netherlands. Vredestein's products include car tyres, tyres for agricultural and industrial uses and most commonly, bicycle tyres. A significant number of the car tyres are designed by the Italian design house Giugiaro Design. The company categorizes its products into three main categories:

  • Car Tyres
  • Two-Wheel Tyres
  • Industrial & Agricultural Tyres

Each of these categories further consists of series of tyres designed for different uses and under an assortment of conditions such as climate and terrain.

Snowtrac: Vredestein's Finest Winter Tyre

Vredestein itself is well known for the preference it gives to safety and security, which is depicted further in the Snowtrac series. The sleek and intelligent tread with its inventive and stepped circumferential groove improves as well as enhances the transversal grip on wet as well as snowy surfaces. The decreased slanted grooves amend the self-cleaning performance of the tyre itself. Due to the revised tread compound, this tyre's functioning in both wet, dry and winter conditions is far more better as compared to that of its already auspicious predecessors in the winter tyre series previously launched by Vredestein. Thanks to its high levels of Silica Solution II, the Snowtrac tyre gets a strong grip on all wet, snowy and icy road conditions. Also, this genuine winter tyre is capable of speeds up to 118 mph/190 km/h and has a very distinguished directional tread pattern. A very impressive as well as noteworthy feature here is the angled oblique tread blocks. These easily scatter off any water residue or clinging snow, thus ensuring a snow free tread. The tyre bites into snowy or icy road surfaces (also known as the saw-tooth effect) while the vehicle is accelerating and braking.

What's special?

The many wafer-thin, slinky grooves in the tread profile, mostly known as sipes, have been drawn out due to their wave pattern that aids in providing an excellent stability and durability while the vehicle is accelerating and braking, thus making the Snowtrac tyre a modern and sporty winter tyre that is a great experience for on-road usage.

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