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The Vredestein Quatrac Lite - a tyre not only for environmental conscious

Products of the tyre manufacturer Vredestein are known for their quality, which was also reflected in various tyre tests with some good evaluations. With the Vredestein Quatrac series, the manufacturer offers an all-season tyres , which successfully for several years on the market. The Vredestein Quatrac Lite is in this series, the model that stands for high energy efficiency and low fuel consumption.

Environmentally friendly and economical driving with the Quatrac Lite

The economy of Vredestein Quatrac Lite shows in two respects. With the new 'Full Polymer Compound' technology is Vredestein managed to reduce the rolling resistance is felt and so make a contribution to a reduction in fuel consumption. In order for the Vredestein Quatrac Lite also meets the new EU standards for energy-efficient tyres. The second contribution of the Vredestein Quatrac Lite for economy is its high wear resistance. Some Vredestein car tyres are particularly suitable as tyres for electric cars, but Vredestein Quatrac Lite increased otherwise the environmental performance of all cars.

Good handling and universal application

The motorists who opt for the most fuel-efficient Vredestein Quatrac Lite, have to do without the positive characteristics, the products are typical of many Vredestein. The special "Flexing Points" or slats profile of Vredestein Quatrac Lite convinced all seasons on any surface with good driving properties and safe handling. In winter use the Vredestein Quatrac Lite are on snow and slush lot of grip on wet roads during transport away three longitudinal grooves the water reliably and so reduce the risk of aquaplaning. In addition, this groove profile of Vredestein Quatrac Lite ensures particularly quiet road noise.

The Vredestein Quatrac Lite is in many respects a particularly environmentally friendly all-season tyres , which helps to reduce fuel consumption and wear.

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