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Vredestein Comtrac Winter

In winter road caution is advised for van drivers. To increase the security significantly in snow and ice, Vredestein has developed the Comtrac winter. This winter tyre is suitable for trucks and vans. He promises improved handling and excellent braking characteristics on wintry roads.

The ideal winter tyre for vans

Once the roads are covered with snow and ice, there are drivers of vans often not easy. A safe driving in winter conditions requires quality winter tyres. Glad Vredestein winter tyres secure enough grip and precise handling even at low temperatures and massive snowfall. The brand offers reliable and affordable van tyres as the Vredestein Comtrac winter. Close cooperation Vredestein best developers and engineers allows the counts of these tyres of the most reliable in the Transportation / van segment. Its unique profile distinguishes it from all other winter tyres in its class. This profile provides good water drainage and ensures short braking distance and more grip in winter conditions. The Vredestein Comtrac Winter was together with the tyre manufacturer Apollo developed.

More stability on slippery roads

A special feature of Vredestein Comtrac Winter is its directional pattern. His two bound longitudinal grooves ensure good water drainage, causing the risk of aquaplaning is reduced. The fins of Comtrac Winter are designed so that snow and slush quickly detached from the tyre. Incidentally, the innovative profile, makes together with the tread compound for better braking performance and rapid acceleration on snowy roads. In the corners reinforced shoulder blocks ensure that the van remains stable even at higher load. For use during the summer season offers Vredestein summer tyre for vans.

The ride vehicles on wintry roads demands a reliable tyre as the Vredestein Comtrac winter. Its unique design and innovative profile ensure optimal stability and a lot of grip. The Vredestein Comtrac Winter promises a shorter braking distance and maximum steering precision even at higher transport load.

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