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Viking Snowtech - Safe and powerful, even at high snow Perfomance

Despite the fierce competition on the tyre market shine the winter tyres of the brand Viking Snowtech, with excellent handling characteristics, high reliability and excellent ride comfort. They are the other tyres from Viking in every way. They await with particularly advanced technology and quality and bring more safety and driving pleasure.

The Viking Snowtech has a tread design with excellent properties

The unique and innovative tread design of the Viking Snowtech there even with the harshest winter disciplines safety and driving comfort. A special silica compound in the tread helps perfect grip, which ensures short braking distances. The special design of the profile improves the power structure in longitudinal and transverse directions. This also results in ice, snow and wet conditions for an excellent grip and excellent drivability. Width lateral grooves in the shoulder area of ​​the profile leading to excellent absorption and drainage of water in the transverse direction. This leads to improved aquaplaning and high safety on wet roads. Also good properties characterize the summer tyres of the brand.

High efficiency through low rolling resistance

The technologically advanced tyre design results in contact of the tyre with the road to reduced tyre deformation. This less energy is lost. The resulting low rolling resistance also fulfills the highest demands for handling, driving pleasure and safety on snow, slush and ice. In addition, less fuel is needed and gives the tyre a high economy. The series Viking Snowtech 2 SUV for SUV shows as great driving safety. But that's not all: The compactness of the profile and the special slats teeth increase the block rigidity in longitudinal and transverse directions. That brings increased snow perfomance, high braking performance and good handling, even on dry roads.

The right rubber compound makes the Viking Snowtech for comfortable all-rounder every winter condition. The particular technology supported in the tread the very good handling and safe ride on mud, ice or snow. The optimized and reduced rolling resistance makes the Viking Snowtech to a tyre with a high efficiency due to reduced fuel consumption.

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Viking Snow Tech - winter tyres from Norway

In Norway, the winter months are long and cold. Ideal conditions to prepare the perfect winter tyres. The Norwegian Viking tyre manufacturer has tried it and presents its results under the name Viking Snow Tech.

The Scandinavian tyre manufacturer Viking

First Norwegian company in the field of tyre manufacturing, has Viking quickly established itself in the European market since the establishment 1931st In the 90s Viking was then acquired by Continental AG and now acts as a subsidiary. Viking produces both summer tyres and winter tyres of high quality. However, especially winter tyres benefit from the sometimes quite intense winters in Norway. This experience uses Viking inter alia for tyre series Viking Snow Tech.

Viking Snow tech winter tyres: Full control even in snow

The Viking Snow Tech provides optimum grip in snow and slush. The tread pattern is designed for tough conditions and ensures that the tyre digs formally in the soil. Due to the high rolling resistance of passenger car tyres , however, the consumption is relatively high. In addition, the mileage of the tyres not is particularly high. Durable fuel-saving miracles are not the tyres of the series Viking Snow Tech, but with slippery surfaces should anyway first of all include the security. Another advantage of the Viking tyres are the soft external rolling noise, which are depending on the dimensions of around 70 decibels. Even when the price Viking Snow Tech can convince. You are in the lower middle, whereby the rather high wear of the tyre is made good.

Although the Viking Snow tech winter tyres are not convincing in every area, is good and especially grippy tyres. Handling and grip are good even in snow and rolling noise falling out low. Only the rolling resistance is slightly high, but in the production of tyres compromises must always be entered.

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