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The Asian manufacturers Westlake has more than 40 years back history. For a time, in the West Lake has gained countless valuable experience. So too Westlake truck tyre promise of the highest quality to be - and that too at reasonable prices all round. For in Westlake you pay really only the quality and not even the name.

Westlake offers much more than just tyres

Also Westlake has its history in Asia started where you worked for many years in its products and this improved steadily. Later Westlake expanded its Westlake truck tyre customers range then out among others on the European and American market. Successfully, because although Westlake originates from China and is therefore subject to the often spread prejudice quality of Asian manufacturers, Westlake proved more than once, what is in its products. Westlake Tyres bribe repeatedly by European quality standards, not only in convincing test results, but also the price.

Westlake truck tyre: European quality from the cheap China

Westlake course offers not only and exclusively expensive and good truck tyres [/ LINK], also of high quality but priced fair car tyres Westlake are available. The selection at truck tyre has it but already on diversity in itself. So Westlake offers trucks to tyres for trucks and vans and of course quality tyres for large trucks classes. The values ​​of permitted speeds, the capacities and the design will vary depending on product, price range, and application area.

Westlake truck tyres are an optimal product solution for all corporate and private drivers who look at quality and price when buying the tyres.

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