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Summer tyres for trucks

When summer is coming, some drivers do not want to change winter tyres into summer or all season tyres as it is extra expense. One thing most of them forget is that summer tyres have a completely different performance. Summer truck tyres are an excellent choice not only for high performance vehicle but but alos vans and trucks. When it comes to driving trucks, drivers should choose tyres according to the season, as it will ensure maximum safety.

Unlike winter tyres, summer tyres for trucks have a shallow tread but quite solid and strong. Despite shallow tread, these tyres guarantees great grip and handling on dry and wet road at temperature above 7 degrees. Tyre manufacturers produce summer truck tyres with emphasize on maximum contact with the road. It might sound surprising but many drivers like this experience when going far away.

Buying summer truck tyres

Summer tyres of well-known and reliable manufacturers usually have an outstanding quality. Tyres can be re-sold but there are very different opinions regarding buying used tyres. It is recommended to buy new tyres to be sure that they have not be repaired or damaged. Among the most reputable manufacturers of tyres you will find Goodyear, Michelin, Pirelli, Hankook, and, of course, Bridgestone.

When buying new tyres, you are strongly advised to consider online shops, which will definitely surprise you with price and quality. Online shops do not have to pay rent for a premises, which positively impacts the price of tyres.

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