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The Toyo Tranpath A11: Reliable offroad summer tyres

Specifically designed for powerful SUVs is the Toyo Tranpath A11. On the road and off the versatile developed offroad summer tyres an enormous traction and so brings weighty machines with a lot of horsepower safely ahead. Its strong profile and the rugged treads show suitable for all substrates.

Summer tyres with M + S marking for snow and slush

As summer tyres Toyo Tranpath A11 has all-weather treads. Even cool temperatures and a first snowfall not bring the tyres to skid. For this the tyre has been fitted with the M + S marking, must therefore also be driven on snow and slush. Yet designated should for the winter off-road winter tyres are chosen to complement. From spring to fall, however, shows the Toyo Tranpath A11 high running joy and good handling in all weather conditions. His profile is traversed by numerous fins that give it a firm grip in virtually any terrain. Whether sand, gravel or hard slopes, the Toyo Tranpath A11 operates forward reliable.

Maintains its strong traction in rain

Also on asphalt showing the Toyo A11 Tranpath a comfortable and safe driving performance. to show the weather of its rainy side, the summer tyre can provide with four circumferential longitudinal grooves for rapid water drainage. The treads prove themselves through excellent traction, which is retained even when wet. The off-road tyres from Toyo shows itself as very versatile tyre. It is used like with powerful SUVs brands- like Lexus or Toyota Rav.

Versatility is the great strength of Toyo Tranpath A11. Known manufacturers of high-performance SUVs therefore like to fall back on the comfortable and safe off-road tyres.

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