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Toyo H 09: the optimal tyres for the winter

In winter, it is all the more to the perfect tyres of the vehicle. The Toyo H 09 truck tyres is ensured optimum grip and good handling, and that in both snow and rain and on dry asphalt.

Transporter tyres from Toyo tyres experts

Whether for winter or summer all year round, the Japanese tyre manufacturer Toyo optimal tyres has guaranteed in its range. The company can look back on a more than 70-year history and has long been established in the international market. In over 100 countries the car, truck, off-road and van tyres from Toyo sold successfully. The tyre series convince with a long life, good driveability and low cost.

Toyo H 09 - Excellent traction and high mileage

The Toyo H 09 are winter tyres for vans and provide optimal performance on snowy roads. Through four long grooves bound water is very effective displaced. Added to the existing tread blocks which ensure even on icy road for excellent traction and an increased Lenpräzision. Additional grip offer the wide edges on the profile page of Toyo H 09 tyres. The tyres of the series Toyo H 09 are suitable both for driving and for the drive axle. In addition, the special rubber compound of Toyo H 09 ensures a high mileage with constant ride quality. The external rolling noise of tyres Toyo H 09 is indicated on the EU tyre label with 72 decibels. Depending on the dimensions, the tyre for a maximum speed of 190 Km / h are allowed.

Cheap winter tyres for vans are difficult to find and often some compromises have to be made. The tyres of the series Toyo H 09 convincing contrast in all weather conditions and are - thanks to high mileage - also suitable for long-term use.

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