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The Toyo 330

The Toyo 330 is a high-performance tyres for the summer season. He belongs to the category ecological tyres. The Japanese tyre manufacturer Toyo increases with this tyre model not only the performance, it also provides a cleaner environment. Thanks to the dynamic profile design and special materials of Toyo 330 is fuel-efficient and safe.

The Toyo 330 one drives in the green zone

Japanese tyre manufacturers like Yokohama and Bridgestone are now investing heavily in technologies that ensure a clean environment. Accountable, because ultimately require Japanese eco-car manufacturers such as Toyota and Lexus during initial assembly a tyre that contributes a lower CO2 emissions. The traditional Japanese company Toyo is a pioneer when it comes to environmentally friendly tyre technologies. In 1945, the manufacturer begins with the production of tyres. First own developments followed a decade later. The first high-performance tyres with green features developed Toyo already in the 1990s. For most modern tyres This class includes the Toyo 330. It is fuel-efficient, ensures excellent performance and also increases comfort. The Toyo 330 is a perfect tyre for eco-conscious drivers.

Optimum fuel efficiency and low noise level at Toyo 330

The model 350 from Toyo is anything but a standard tyre. Thanks to robust profile construction, the handling on wet and dry road is very direct. Motorists will also notice a stable position of the vehicle. With the Silent technology, the noise level is significantly reduced, so that the environment is burdened with less noise. This contributes naturally in even the driving comfort. Eco-friendly is also the fuel efficiency that is optimal at Toyo 330th For high performance multi Wawe fins, securing a uniform drive even with four-wheel vehicles provide. The open longitudinal profiling provides increased resistance to aquaplaning.

The Toyo 330 promises safety, comfort and maximum performance during the summer season. Of course, maximum consideration is given to the environment. Finally, the 330 is equipped with Toyo latest eco-technologies, which among other means lower fuel consumption.

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