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Safe and comfortable: Tigar Sigura summer tyres

Powerful like a tiger, the summer tyres Tigar Sigura wants to present. The series name Sigura also gives the impression of security. It produces the performance summer tyre in Serbia. The manufacturer Tigar works for the development and production with the French group Michelin together. So motorists benefit from the know-how of two European Professionals in tyre manufacturing.

The ideal summer tyre for compact cars

The dimensions of Tigar Sigura are ideal especially for compact cars. Even medium-sized car can be equipped with the sleek tyres. The Tigar Sigura is approved in the speed category T for a top speed of 190 km/h, and has a load capacity of 560 kilograms. Certainly the Tigar Sigura really is: It has a directional tread pattern, are mounted in the longitudinally running ribs and cross blades so that good aquaplaning characteristics come into play. The deep ridges of the profile provide also for a stable roadholding.

Durable Summer tyres with a good grip

In practice, the summer tyres convince Tigar Sigura mainly by its good grip on dry roads. Since the profile of water reliably derived from wet roads, traction is maintained even with rain. The Tigar Sigura is therefore not to bring to slip so quickly by unfavorable weather conditions. The tread compounds are particularly temperature-resistant by the addition of silica. The low noise and low wear contribute to ride comfort, enjoy the motorist with the Tigar Sigura.

That high-performance tyres do not always have to be expensive, proving summer tyres of the brand Tigar . The Tigar Sigura falls on particularly by its good aquaplaning characteristics and its high grip on dry roads.

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