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Syron tyres began in 2004 and since have become one of the leading brands with an extensive experience in the field of Ultra-High performance. They have transfered the racing technology to an everyday sports-oriented high-performance tyre.
Therefore the Syron tyres cover the needs of a wide range of small and medium cars from the upper class to the Supersport class. Motorsports are an important part of Syron. Syron has provided about 1,800 tyres for this event. As the first professional Drifter, Dominik La Roche, driver of the “Drift Team Charged Import-Racing”, used SYRON tyres for his Nissan Skyline R32, he made it to the 2nd place equipped with SYRON RACE 1 Plus.
Syron specializes in bringing high performance specification tyres to customers at affordable prices without compromising on performance or style.
They’re range of tyres go from passenger cars, SUV and 4X4s, vans, as well as trucks and buses.

Passenger car tyres

SYRON BlueTech tyres –good water drainage for reduced aquaplaning, low rolling resistance for better fuel economy, long tyre life, improved traction in both wet and dry conditions, low noise
SYRON EVEREST 1 Plus tyres –improved traction in snow, shorter braking distances, lower risk of aquaplaning, lower noise for quiet ride
• SYRON 365 days tyres –all season, improved water drainage less risk of aquaplaning, improved grip and traction in winter conditions, enhanced stability, low rolling resistance for good fuel economy
• SYRON RACE 1 Plus tyres –improved grip and traction on both dry and wet surfaces, low noise for quiet ride, enhanced water dispersal for less risk of aquaplaning

SUVs and 4×4 tyres

SYRON CROSS 1 Plus tyres –Summer tyre offers better stability and grip in both dry and wet conditions, lower noise for quiet ride, enhanced water drainage for less risk of aquaplaning
• SYRON EVEREST SUV tyres –Winter tyre for SUV and 4X4s, provides improved traction and grip as well as shorter braking distances in winter conditions, improved water drainage for less aquaplaning

Vans and van tyres

• SYRON MERKEP 2 tyres –improved traction and stability in all weather, low noise for quiet ride, low rolling resistance for better fuel economy, shorter braking distances, good traction and grip in winter conditions
SYRON EVEREST C tyres –winter tyre provides enhanced traction and stability in winter weather, shorter braking distances, better water dispersal for reduced aquaplaning, low noise for quieter ride

Truck and bus tyres

• K-TIR 195 F2 tyres –enhanced grip and traction, long tyre wear
• SYRON K-TIR 195 D2 tyres –shorter braking distances, enhanced stability, grip on wet, muddy, snowy surfaces, low noise for quiet ride

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