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Founded in 1988 they are ranked 33 out of the top 75 tyre manufactures in the world.

Passenger car and minivan tyres

SN828 tyres –improved tyre wear, handling, water dispersion for resistance to aquaplaning
• SN880 tyres –strong shock absorption, low rolling resistance for better fuel economy, minimizing the chance of skidding on wet surfaces
• SN600 tyres –improved stability and handling, more resistance to aquaplaning

UHP tyres

• SN3630 tyres –improved cornering stability and steering response, lower risk of aquaplaning
SN3800 tyres - Suitable for vehicles such as BMW, Audi, and others, noise reduction, durability, stability, and reduced risk to aquaplaning
• SN3970 tyres –improved steering response, better water drainage for lower risk of aquaplaning

Crossover and SUV tyres

• SN282C tyres –all season tyre improved stability, cornering, traction, reduced risk of aquaplaning
• SN3606 tyres –improved steering, traction, braking, in wet, dry, and snow conditions
• SN268C tyres –improved grip, steering response, braking, and traction in wet, dry and snow conditions
• SN288C tyres –reduced noise, improved steering, braking performance and traction in wet, dry and snow conditions, longer tread life
• SN3980 tyres –improved stability, cornering, reduced noise levels

Light truck tyres

• SN221C tyres –reduced noise and strong wear resistance, better faster evacuation for reduced risk of aquaplaning
• SN223C tyres –all season tyre provides better traction for both dry and wet surfaces, long tyre life, quiet ride
• SN255C tyres –reduced noise, long tyre life, lower risk of aquaplaning

Snow tyre

• SN290C tyres –enhanced steering and better traction on snow and slush
SN293C tyres –improved braking and traction in snowy conditions
• SN3860 tyres –better traction and steering on snow
SN3830 tyres –improved braking and traction in snowy conditions

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