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Sunitrac Focus 9000: Quality for the price conscious

Sunitrac tyres come from China. Like almost all tyres from the Asian region, and the summer tyres Sunitrac Focus can impress 9000 at first glance mainly by its low price. However, the budget tyre also provides a compelling quality that can play on hot summer days as well as in heavy showers.

Robust tread compounds for high temperatures

When the sun beats down and temperatures rise, have summer tyres prove themselves by particularly stable tread compounds. The more stable the material, the less deforms the tyre and the smaller and more uniform he wears out. The engineers have developed Sunitrec 9000 special rubber compounds with a high proportion of silica for Sunitrac Focus. This prevents premature wear. Furthermore the Sunitrac Focus 9000 convinces with its unusual profile Design: Numerous wavy fins all ensure a good grip as for optimum moisture management. The long grooves maintain the driving stability maintained at any speed and on any road surface.

For city cars and vans

The Sunitrac Focus 9000 also knows to please by a great versatility: Motorists can choose from many different dimensions. In this way, the Focus is Sunitrac 9000 both drivers available who are traveling with small city runabouts, and the Bestzern of middle and upper class sedans. The XL-Varianen the tyre characterized by a particularly high load-bearing capacity and can also use vans to be driven or overweight SUVs. Tempo dominated the Sunitrac Focus 9000 also: The largest variations are permitted up to speed category W, which corresponds to a permissible maximum speed of 270 km/h.

the Sunitrac Focus 9000 Dynamic and safe, presents itself and proves that price-conscious motorists not to sacrifice quality.

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