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Versatile: The Sonar SX 9

The Sonar SX 9 is a tyre which is suitable not only for cars but also for off-road vehicles. Whether on the road or in the field, whether at the family car or the SUV , the summer tyres always shows a solid performance, a strong traction on wet and dry roads and reliable braking.

High contact surface for optimum stability

Is made ​​of Sonar SX 9 from producer Sonar in China. but motorists must not be afraid to get a cheap product. The Sonar SX 9 can convince treads of high quality and an intelligent tread design rather. Center of the profile form two circumferential longitudinal ribs which give the car a good driving stability. The Sonar SX 9 keeps track in steep curves. The symmetrical, non-directional tread design gives the car a high contact surface. Also in the grounds of numerous, curved slats have a firm grip. This is maintained, since the longitudinal ribs water determined reliably even when wet.

Summer tyres not only for cars

Robust are the treads of Sonar SX 9. These are specially adapted to the requirements of the summer. High temperatures and rain they hold equally well stand The Sonar SX 9 has a very high load capacity and is mainly produced in large dimensions. This makes it suitable for demanding luxury cars as well as SUVs. It is available in sizes 16 to 20 inches, suitable for the respective wheels . may be dangers of Sonar SX 9 depending on the size of 210 or 240 km/h because it is approved for speeds of H and V.

Versatile is the Sonar SX 9: The summer tyres from China proved itself on paved roads, but also keeps jaunts into the terrain from. His good handling will impress cost-conscious driver.

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