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Silverstone ATLANTIS V7 Tyres

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Silverstone Atlantis V7 - high comfort thanks quality materials

With the Silverstone Atlantis V7 high comfort and a comprehensive security in any case guaranteed. This summer tyre proving to be a reliable and solid companion and must also comparing with the award-winning models of Pirelli not shy.

Improved grip and very quiet operation

In the development and production of the Silverstone Atlantis V7 only high quality materials were used. And this has paid off: Thanks to the tread compound of silica of grip could be improved considerably, so that one is safe both on dry asphalt as well in wet conditions and strong way. Moreover, proving summer tyres Silverstone extremely smooth running, what comfort during each drive raises considerably again. Equally noteworthy is the good traction and direct steering response, which is given to the Silverstone Atlantis V7 anytime, even in poor road and weather conditions.

Silverstone Atlantis V7 - quality tyres that convince even the most demanding customers

The tyre manufacturer Silverstone may have long enjoyed an excellent reputation in F1. Motorists have the qualitative tyre company since discovered, all of them characterized by numerous good runnability and know to deliver at any time a good performance. No wonder sets Silverstone but on a continuous development and optimization of its products and is committed to providing a best tyres for each customer, the Fit this and each ride.

With the Silverstone Atlantis V7 the renowned tyre manufacturer knows how to impress once again. This summer tyre from Silverstone proves to be a solid and very reliable companion that is safe with its good performance and high mileage even in adverse weather conditions on the road. So you can as drivers among others have an excellent grip and extremely smooth running.

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