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Schwalbe Spicer Tyre

The Schwalbe Company has been at the top of the production line for quite some time now. And we estimate that it is not getting irrelevant any time soon. They have been able to keep their products as well as their standards very consistent. Not only is the organisation professional, but their services are also top-notch as well.

Safety and performance of the Tyre Schwalbe Spicer

The major feature that the tyre Schwalbe Spicer provides is the KevlarGuard protection. Kevlar is a heavily protective and strong material that is even impervious to knife cuts. Kevlar has been incorporated into the tyre to prevent any inconvenience such as a flat tyre. They are somewhat lightweight owing to their sleek design.

The Schwalbe Spicer also boasts a tread pattern that keeps the tyre rolling on the road firmly. The tyre performs extremely well around turns. It is somewhat persistent on dry roads; however, it performs extremely well in a wet climate. The Schwalbe Spicer tyre is one of the most comfortable tyres available for bicycles due to the lightweight design and soft shoulder material.

Reliability and Durability

The Spicer is perfect for anyone who wishes to ride a comfortable ride on their bicycle. It offers reliability, speed, comfort and, durability. It is very safe owing to its ergonomic design. The KevlarGuard provided ample and added protection against punctures and any other inconveniences on the road. The Schwalbe is also easy going on the pocket and is also placed under warranty. 

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