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Schwalbe Delta Cruiser Plus Tyres

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Schwalbe Delta Cruiser Plus Tyre

The tyre Schwalbe Delta Cruiser Plus offers a versatile and adaptable driving experience for bicycles! These are wire bead tyres with a K-Guard which features Kevlar fibres as a layer for protection against puncture. The characteristic centre rib profile feature Black-Reflex, a reflective strip that runs along the sidewall, providing dark safety against other vehicles. The profile also has ribbing for the dynamo, allowing you to utilise your kinetic rotational energy to operate light, horn or other electronic stuff.

Why roll with Schwalbe Delta Cruiser Plus Tyre?

The Schwalbe Delta Cruiser Plus tyre is wide and can take a straight hit. They’re strong and fill a high pressure of air, giving you a breezy and smooth feeling when riding with these tyres on. Underneath the rubberised tread design casing, made of nylon threads. These threads are measured in TPI, (threads per inch). This tyre has 50 TPI, allowing for a good balance between longevity and high-performance for fast rolling and better cornering.

The Tyre Schwalbe Delta Cruiser Plus Got You Covered

They're very easy to fit and remove. The rubber on the tyre Schwalbe Delta Cruiser Plus is mostly reported to last for long. Combine these perks with a thorn resistant tube; you are protected against occasional flats. These tyres are certainly a bang for the buck in our list.

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