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For any cycling enthusiast safety, road holding and versatile tyres are important considerations. This is where you start viewing your new tyres from a different perspective with the Delta Cruiser tyres.

You are probably seeking the most comfortable ride from tyres that offer you assurance with smooth rolling action. This is what you get with an original centre-ribbed profiled tyre combined with 50=EPI carcass!

Your Delta Cruiser tyres have the added advantage of K-Guard and reflective lines, as well as a protection level-5, which is recommended for E-bikes and a speed of just over 15-miles per hour,

Schwalbe Delta Cruiser tyres advantage

Going to another level for mountain biking, touring or road racing is for every sports rider who enjoys pushing limits the factor of going tubeless! Combined with the Delta Cruiser brand profile tyres are the tubeless benefits of:

  • Speed
  • Surface grip
  • Comfort
  • Inherent resistance to punctures.

Tubeless benefits add to cycling performance

Some primary considerations when viewing the tubeless tyre option is that any friction between your tyre and a tube is eliminated. This has the effect of reducing rolling resistance to a degree below that of super-light competition tyres.

Innovative Schwalbe tyres have been subjected to long and intensive study, particularly related to the aspect of tubeless technology in racing bikes. Whilst it is a challenging innovation due to the manufacturing process, the tubeless cycling route is now being generally recognised as the future of tyres technology.

Tubeless tyres offer high-pressure resistance, thereby preventing a loss of air by way of valve tearing or burst tubes, This will not only apply only to off-road riders. It is a tyre advancement that will encompass touring bikes and the racing fraternity, so be prepared. 

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