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History of Schwalbe

Schwalbe is a joint venture between Ralf Bohle GmbH, a German company and Hung-A, a Korean family Company. The plant which manufacturers all Schwalbe tyres and tubes and produces them in the Schwalbe owned plant. The plant has been in operation for over 20 years. Schwalbe tyres history began in 1973. Originally specializing in bicycle tyres, the company expanded and through much research and innovation and began producing the flat-less tyre, tubeless technology, the Marathon Series, and redeveloped balloon tyre equipment along with many other tyres. The Company got its name from imported bicycle tyres known as Swallow, Swallow translated into German is Schwalbe. Swallow brand tyres are still available today, however they are mainly distributed to Asian Countries by Schwalbe’s partner company HungA.

Information about Schwalbe City Jet Tyres

Schwalbe city jet tyres are designed for Mountain Bike riding in city streets. These tyres are semi-slick and are not foldable. Schwalbe tyres city jet are great tyres for commuting back and forth from work and general cycling. The schwalbe city jet model tyres are constructed with Kevlar Guard, which provides protection against punctures and cuts while riding. Kevlar Guard is natural rubber which is reinforced with Kevlar fibres, which has been proven over the years. Coupled with the 50 TPI carcass of the tyre, city jet schwalbe model tyres are well protected against cuts and punctures. It is important for safety reasons to have low puncture risk quality tyres when riding on city roads. 

About the Schwalbe City Jet Price

Even though these are not top of the line tyres, the schwalbe city jet price is very reasonable. You can even buy schwalbe city jet tyres on Amazon. When you choose to buy schwalbe city jet online, you have the ability to quickly and conveniently comparison shop. By visiting our website we can do all of this for you saving you time, money and the aggravation of jumping from store to store or website to website. Our site offers you the convenience of locating the best possible price for the Schwalbe City Jet Mountain Bike Tyres. We also provide a direct link for your convenience. The Schwalbe tyres can be delivered to the destination of your choice, which is another convenience, especially if you don’t drive. We are very knowledgeable in the tyre industry and provide quality up to date information. We are a one stop tyre review resource.

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