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Sava Orjak MS of durable truck tyres

The Sava Orjak MS is a drive axle tyre for trucks, which can withstand the extremely high requirements. For the development of a technology is used, the resistance and the life has been improved. The profile structure is designed so that the truck tyre offers sufficient grip and safety also on unpaved roads.

Sava Orjak MS the compact design

Sava is a Slovenian company that is since 2004 owned by Goodyear. In addition to the robust and well-known Sava Orjak MS tyres for trucks, among other car tyres or SUV tyres produced. Usually Sava represents a concept that supports a very compact design, the different models. Thus reinforced, the carcass and the profile in the middle of the Sava Orjak MS, whereby damage can be effectively avoided from the outside. In addition, a special blend was used, which affects the endurance of the tyre positive.

The flexible application areas

The Sava Orjak MS is an excellent tyre whose strengthening were designed specifically for heavy duty trucks. This offers the possibility of a complete overhaul and economic aspects, which pay for consumers. The open shoulder blocks in the profile has a positive effect on the traction of the vehicle. This ensures that there is grip on rough terrain sufficient to steer the truck safely and comfortably. In addition, the improved contours of the grooves contribute to a good self-cleaning. Construction vehicles find a winter tyre in front, with the panels at construction sites, are made ​​possible on various ground conditions.

Compared to other providers, such as Hankook, the Sava Orjak MS proves to be equivalent. He impresses with its robust construction, which counteracts a mechanical injury. The traction and braking performance is mentioned positively in test reports. The Sava Orjak MS can be very versatile on construction sites or other terrain.

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