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Sava Orjak 4 - drive tyres for trucks

The Sava Orjak 4 is a robust drive tyre designed specially for trucks has been developed and has high mileage.

High mileage at a uniform tread wear

Truck tyres have to do a lot on the road and should have a certain degree of security guarantee. The Sava Orjak 4 was developed exclusively for road and tuned to the extreme weight of a truck. The drive axle tyre is suitable for regional traffic and for use over long distances and can be used in any season. He has a particularly high mileage are the tread wear always runs smoothly. In this manner, a high long-term durability. The manufacturer has the traction sustainably improved snow and wet, so that a very good grip is available.

The performance evaluation of the Sava Orjak 4

In the Sava Orjak 4 is a sequence model of the manufacturer's tyre group . The model has been significantly improved and adapted. In addition to the revised tread design, the profile was taken even deeper. A low profile is a constant liability that does not lose power even during prolonged use. The tread is made of a special blend that provides a damage resistance of the tyre, thus guaranteeing a high mileage. The block design is designed so that the tyre adheres very well even in snow and wet conditions on the road and thus ensures increased security. When necessary for tyre EU classification of the tyre performs well. In the fuel efficiency, it provides a D, which is a good average. The wet performance is marked with a B and therefore considered safe. In good middle area of ​​the tyre is also in the noise.

The Sava Orjak 4 is a robust truck tyres, which is also suitable for use on long journeys. He may the year be used, thus saving a complicated tyre change. Thanks to new and innovative features and enhancements in the tyres a very good grip on the road and losing traction not even in snow.

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