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Sava Avant A3: Durable and economical truck tyres

tyre for long haul must afford much. large loads are daily transport. Robust tyres are therefore asked Convincing professional application with a long life and a good controllability. The Sava Avant A3 is even on long journeys stable on the road. The truck tyres of Slovenian company Sava is designed for the steering axle and scores with its reliability.

Robust tread

Sava produces its tyres in Europe and makes use of the technology of the parent company Goodyear . Professional truck tyres as the therefore stand out for their excellent price / performance ratio. The profile consists of four ribs that give the Sava Avant A3 an excellent driving stability during straight running and in the curves. Quick says the tyres on all wheel movements and also responds quickly to the brakes. The Sava Avant A3 is however not only safe but also economically: The treads are made of durable silica compounds which wear slowly. In addition, the profile is regroovable, which extends the life of the tyre significantly.

Optimized belt layers reduce heat generation and wear

For a longer shelf life and the optimized arrangement of the belt plies in the tyre makes. This new design reduces heat generation, thereby preventing premature wear before. The Sava Avant A3 is suitable not only for trucks but is a more reliable as economic tyres for buses in the distance and regional traffic. Rains make the truck summer tyres not matter much: four longitudinal grooves provide optimum water evacuation on wet roads. In any kind of weather the Sava Avant A3 shines so through a firm grip and a strong traction.

The Sava Avant A3 is designed for professional applications. Its low profile design, revised belt layers and sturdy treads give it a long life. For transport companies of truck tyres is therefore a very economical decision.

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