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Truck tyres with long service life: The Sava Avant 4

Sava is a tyre manufacturer from Slovenia, now known to Goodyear Group belongs. The tyres of the subsidiary to benefit from the experience and design know-how of the renowned manufacturer. This applies equally to the wide range of car tyres as well as for Savas line of high quality and cheap truck tyres, which are intended for professional use. This includes the Sava Avant. 4

Convincing driving stability

The Sava Avant 4 is specifically designed for use on the steering axle. Accordingly, he believes in the application with a high responsiveness and responds quickly to all steering movements. For the Sava Avant 4 has Sava used the experience gained with the previous models, and improves the design of profile and tread once more. The Sava Avant 4 is characterized by wide, flat shoulder blocks that give the tyre a good road. The handling is improved by this style. The symmetrical profile provides a high bearing surface for optimum contact between tyre and road. The circumferential longitudinal grooves and crossbars also lead it to a good water drainage.

Economical tyre with low weight

The Sava Avant 4 convinces as truck summer tyres both on dry and on wet roads. The design of the tread is designed mainly to resistance and durability. Trucks that are hundreds of kilometers every day on the road, can rely on the high mileage of the Sava Avant. 4 Compared to previous models of truck tyres brings less weight on the scale. This provides economic advantages: the lower weight leads to a lower rolling resistance, which in turn reduces the wear.

For large and weighty trucks Sava Avant 4 is a reliable and durable choice. Attached to the steering axis, brings the truck safely through each summer weather.

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