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Performance Driven summer tyres: The Runway Enduro 916

The Runway Enduro 916 is already a classic among the summer tyres. In many different dimensions it is available. Among them are tyres with XL marking, van and vans are suitable. In all classes of Runway Enduro 916 looks good and shows excellent handling characteristics on dry and wet roads.

Summer tyres in dynamic design

Who is in summer on high power, will see the Runway Enduro 916 certainly the best tyres. Its innovative profile gives the tyre good traction. In dynamic V-shape of the lamellae are arranged. Because of this design of Runway Enduro 916 has a firm grip, he can play in an XL version with increased resistance under higher loads. Thanks to the sporty design of Runway Enduro 916 is also a real eye-catcher. Combined with modern aluminum wheels , it evaluates on each vehicle.

Safe driving in rain

Summer tyres as the Runway Enduro 916 must not only provide for a good sunshine prowess. The German summer finally ready enough times with rainy weather. The profile of Runway Enduro 916 is designed so that it displaces water from wet surfaces optimally. Aquaplaning does not pose great security risk more side rain can also be great heat for motorists to challenge. Rubber has the ability to deform by heat. This effect prevents Runway and sets for the Enduro 916 on tread compounds with a high proportion of silica. In this way the tyres retain their shape.

Safe and reliable, the Runway Enduro 916 shows with a whole range of vehicles. Whether he is on the road in rain or sunshine, makes the tyre is not much difference: Under all conditions, he convinces with a safe and comfortable handling.

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