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Runway Enduro 816: The tyre for all seasons

The Runway Enduro 816 is the ideal tyre for city trips and tours over the highway. Under both conditions, the all-season tyres proves durability and excellent handling. Although the manufacturer Runway Singapore manufactures tyre in the budget segment, the quality must not hide behind the more expensive competition.

Weather tyre with good tuned tread compound

All-season or Allwetterrreifen are the alternative for motorists who want to save the cost of the two-time changing tyres a year. tyres as the Runway Enduro 816, however, must be particularly resilient: You must on cold winter days as good a performance as deliver the hot summer, have to prove themselves in smoothness, just as when it rains. therefore special, durable rubber mixtures are used for the Runway Enduro 816 grant to the tyre a high stability. This can many different weathers withstand.

Convincing aquaplaning and smooth running

Thought of Runway Enduro 816 is the Touring, so for long trips. The tyre series impresses with a high smoothness and excellent handling in wet conditions. In the middle of the profile a wide longitudinal lamella for stable operation makes; the numerous cross grooves drain moisture from reliable, thus ensuring good aquaplaning characteristics. Available the Runway Enduro 816 in sizes 14 to 18 inches, thus suitable primarily for small and medium-sized cars. Combined with the matching aluminum wheels he leaves a dynamic visual impression.

Who lives in a little snowy areas, can now save winter and summer tyres: The Runway Enduro 816 is just as reliable as a safe alternative for any weather.

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