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Reasons to buy run flat tyres

Tyres are important part of any vehicle because they ensure stability, good grip and control over the vehicle on different surfaces. Regular maintenance of the vehicle and tyre check allow timely identifying and changing worn out tyres. It also refers to damages and punctures that usually happen when you do not expect. Luckily, innovations have gone a way forward, which resulted in design of run flat tyres.

What is a run flat tyre?

Run flat tyre is a tyre that remains operational in the event of puncture or loss of pressure. It gives driver the possibility to continue driving and get home safely, if driving with moderate speed. This type of tyres have numerous benefits:

Run flat tyre offers safety and convenience. Why? With these tyres you do not have to change damaged tyre in unsafe and uncomfortable conditions on the road. Most run flat tyres allow driving for around 100 miles. Conventional tyres do not provide possibility to get to the nearest mechanic or home. You have to change tyres right away.

Run flat tyres are more stable. As run flat tyres have been originally designed to support a vehicle without air, they provide better control in case of a total air loss.

Lower vehicle weight. Vehicle weight goes down because you do not have to drive with spare tyre and tyre repair tools. However, do not expect a great difference because run flat tyres weight more than conventional tyres.

How do run flat tyres work?

Run flat tyres are designed with thicker, reinforced sidewalls that ensure possibility of driving after being punctured or seriously damaged. Run flat tyre keeps its shape and strength even if it losses air pressure at all. The sidewalls of this type of tyre is reinforced but the materials used for manufacturing run flat tyres are usually the same used for production of regular tyres.

It is important to understand run flat tyre markings, and take into consideration that various brands have different marking system. For instance, Dunlop uses DSST for marking run flat tyre, and Michelin marks its run flat tyres with PAX. For more detailed information on markings it is better to check manufacturer’s website.

Run flat tyre brands

Run flat tyres cost differently and the price depends on the manufacturer. There are many tyre brands manufacturing run flat tyres from the most famous brands to budget run flat tyres manufacturers. The quality of tyres will also differ from brand to brand. That is why experts recommend giving preferences to reputable brands. Continental, Bridgestone, Dunlop, Goodyear, Michelin, Pirelli are on the list of the most reputable brands that manufacture run flat tyres.

Where to buy the best run flat tyres

The best deals on run flat tyres can be found only on the Internet. Experienced drivers know that the best price run flat tyres is in online shops that have usually lower prices due to absence of additional charges. Apart from excellent run flats price, online shops offers a wide range of tyre brands, including the most well-known and budget brands. Online shopping is a tool that saves not only money but also time. You can buy tyres that you need without even leaving home or office. If you become a permanent customer, you are the first to find out about various run flat tyre deals. The most popular deal is “Buy three tyres and get one more for free”. If you have any problems placing the first order, friendly customer support will always help you. Buy run flat tyres online and discover many other benefits of online shopping.

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