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Roadstone Winguard SUV - even in winter safe and comfortable traveling

Roadstone Winguard SUV is also in cold weather at its best: Equipped with numerous good running properties, provides this winter tyres even at extremely low temperatures and heavy snowfall a good performance from.

Good handling and attractive design

Roadstone Winguard SUV only equipped with a sophisticated tread pattern which is very dynamic thanks to the concave curvature of the spokes. However, not only from a visual standpoint, this of Roadstone winter tyres convince: So impresses ours the Korean tyre manufacturer with its superior handling, does not diminish that even with heavy snowfall and slippery road conditions. Furthermore Roadstone Winguard SUV proves a very good adhesion and optimum grip even in difficult driving situations, so you have to make any compromises in terms of safety and stability. Add to that the very quick and effective drainage of water and slush, which also significantly reduces the risk of aquaplaning. Thus, the Roadstone Winguard SUV proves to be a safe and reliable companion who leaves nothing to be desired.

Roadstone - quality tyres that have it in them

The Roadstone brand part of the international Nexen Group, which now sells its quality and qualitative models around the world. Roadstone was introduced as a budget brand for the European market and may be there now enjoy great popularity. Today the name Nexen stands for quality tyres at a low price, which also deliver the more difficult driving situations good mileage.

Roadstone Winguard SUV once again confirms the reputation of the Korean tyre manufacturer, supplier, even at very cold temperatures, a good performance from. This expresses itself in addition to an optimal adhesion in a fast and efficient drainage of, so that you hardly have to make compromises in terms of security and stability.

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