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Roadstone Roadian HT - a summer tyre for high-performance SUVs

Roadstone Roadian HT, thanks to its numerous good running properties for a perfect driving pleasure. Even in bad weather and on uneven terrain, the high performance takes this summer tyre not, so that you can benefit from a high stability and a comprehensive comfort.

Robust construction and excellent cornering stability

Roadstone Roadian HT is well prepared for bad weather or driving off-road. For the sophisticated tread pattern, ensure its wide shoulders for excellent cornering stability even at high speeds makes. Furthermore, the numerous wide grooves make this summer tyre from Roadstone for a fast and efficient drainage of water, so you no longer have to fear the risk of aquaplaning. Add to this the many biting edges of Roadstone Roadian HT that can ensure a very good adhesion and a high grip even under difficult circumstances. No less impressive is the low noise of Roadstone Roadian HT, which considerably increases driving comfort again. Also in terms of economy, this model assigns to convince from the house Roadstone: So convinced of Roadstone Roadian HT with its high wear resistance, which makes the tyre very durable.

Roadstone - quality and popular

The tyre manufacturer Roadstone is known for its high quality and powerful models that can be distinguished by a very good price-performance ratio at the same time. It is therefore not surprising that the demand for Roadstone tyres is steadily increasing and the models are now sold around the world.

Roadstone Roadian HT proves efficient and qualitative tyres for SUVs, the bad weather and uneven surfaces can only little harm. At any time and everywhere this summer tyre delivers a good and reliable performance, so that hardly any wishes remain unfulfilled.

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