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Roadstone Eurowin 700 - powerful through the cold season

Snow and ice you need no longer fear this winter tyres. Sitting up with many good running properties, the Roadstone Eurowin turns 700 as a high-performance model, which is also the comparison with test winners of Dunlop must not shy away.

Roadstone Eurowin 700 provides increased stability and comprehensive security

Specially designed for the harsh European winter, the Roadstone Eurowin 700 proves to be a strong running companion, who delivers a good performance even in snow and ice. Thanks to the new and innovative rubber compound with a high proportion of silica one is even with snow and ice on the road safely and can benefit from increased stability even at very high speeds. Moreover, this proves Roadstone winter tyres excellent traction and good handling on icy and slippery road. Equally noteworthy is the excellent cushioning with which the Roadstone Eurowin 700 may come up at any time. Thus, you not only safe coming to the desired destination, but also enjoys a very comfortable and safe ride.

Roadstone - experienced and renowned

The tyre manufacturer Roadstone has long been known far beyond the country's borders for its high quality models that deliver a good performance even in difficult situations. This is especially good quality of all Roadstone tyres due to which it can be ensured thanks to constant optimization and development. In addition, the Asian tyre manufacturer relies on cutting-edge technologies and manufacturing processes, which make the models more efficient.

By Roadstone Eurowin 700 can also be of the hard European winter are good. This tyre guarantees excellent traction and a comprehensive stability and brings all occupants safe even in extreme winter temperatures to the desired destination. In addition, you can enjoy as a car driver a high degree of comfort, which is given thanks to the excellent damping and low rolling noise at any time.

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