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A fine summer tyres for passenger cars: the Pneumant PN 250

Pneumant tyres were originally of German origin, is now part of the producer Pneumant to Sumitomo Rubber Industries, a company in Japan, created from a merger of Dunlop and Goodyear. The Pneumant PN 250 is a summer tyre for passenger car with interesting handling characteristics, which are explained in more detail below.

The Pneumant PN 250 and its driving characteristics

Looking at the positive ratings and the good handling characteristics of Pneumant PN 250, one can only marvel at the low price. There is a summer tyre for passenger cars, which is especially suitable for longer trips on dry asphalt. The profile does not only provide a unique design, but also for good grip and stable roadholding. Even in the wet the grip of Pneumant PN 250 is reliable braking power and braking distances are similarly powerful as in dry conditions. The rubber compound is environmentally friendly and ensures lower fuel consumption and longer service life.

The technical data of Pneumant PN 250

The Pneumant PN 250 is available inter alia in the size 155/70 R13 T on the market and thus for each car available by default. The speed index T indicates a shared rate of a maximum of 190 km/h. The Load Index of Pneumant PN 250 is 75. Thus, each tyre weighing up to 387 kg load capacity. The rubber compound has low abrasion, the tyre itself so noticeably long service life with low wear. The road noise is relatively low, the comfort comes on longer journeys benefit.

The Pneumant PN 250 is located in the lower price and because of its positive features an interesting candidate, when it comes to quality on the summer streets. Overall, one can speak at Pneumant PN 250 from a very good price-performance ratio.

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