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Pirelli TW01 - the new winter concept of Pirelli

The winter leads often to disastrous road conditions. By winter tyres Pirelli TW01 even snowy roads, mud, but also a dry asphalt road are conditions attached to this newly developed tyre is well-prepared. The research and development department of the brand manufacturer designed this Nutzreifen specifically for vehicles that are traveling in the long and medium distance transportation.

More steering precision and adhesion in winter

When temperatures below four degrees Celsius fall, it is difficult to safely move the vehicle on the road. The Pirelli Tw01erfüllt exactly these challenging requirements perfectly. The innovative tread absorbs a lot of snow and thus offers an ideal grip. Compared to previous models of Pirelli TW01 provides 20 percent more grip on snow. The rear tyre obtained by a particularly good roadholding, which positively carries over to the entyre vehicle. The tread design is equipped with a dense void ratio and block pattern. thus a minimum noise makes for a good acoustic comfort. Thus, the manufacturer meets Pirelli , the requirements of the European Directive of 2012 Design.

The Pirelli TW01 - with innovative tread compound

This truck tyres a Pirelli patent applies. In the lower and in the upper run, a very high silicon content has been processed. The various additional components ensure that the Pirelli TW01 best cope with low temperatures, snow and wet conditions. The fully rubberized cord makes with this tyre a longer life of the carcass. The optimal pressure distribution in the ground contact area is achieved by a newly designed shoulder contour. Cost of Pirelli TW01 is its high retreading rate. Likewise, the low rolling resistance leads to lower fuel consumption and thus lower operating costs.

Sure as if on rails with snow, ice and slush on the road? The Pirelli TW01 is not a problem. In addition, the tyre scores with efficiency and an above-average mileage.

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