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The Pirelli Tr01 - the innovative tyres for drive axles

In regional traffic and long-distance transport of Pirelli Tr01 shows his great strengths. This tyre Pirelli meets the requirements that transport operators at a good product. This summer tyre increases efficiency while meeting the proposed requirements for the new EU regulation, which provides for a reduction in pollutant emissions.

The Pirelli Tr01 - low fuel consumption

Especially in transport low operating costs and the highest possible efficiency are very important to meet the ever increasing competitive pressure requirements. For medium and long transport routes, the Italian company has the Pirelli Tr01 developed. The new generation of Pirelli tyres can be retreaded multiple times, thus achieving a significant longer service life. The Pirelli Tr01 is produced with environmentally sound HA oils and is therefore also ideal for recycling, a small part of our environment. New Nachschneide indicators facilitate this project significantly. The tread block developed little inherent movement, whereby the energy loss is significantly depleted. Even the design of the Pirelli Tr01 has been optimized for low noise. This gives the driver an excellent driving comfort. The handling on dry road is just as excellent as in wet conditions. The geometry of the grooves and the fins are responsible for a very good steering precision.

Optimum tread compound

This new generation of Nutzreifen optimize all components of the tyre. His good retreading properties, the consistent performance levels and the safe vehicle handling owes the Pirelli Tr01 the three ply belt structure. The inner part of the tread reduces rolling resistance and the outer part has been optimized, the stopping distance and the mileage and the grip has been improved. The bead core of the Pirelli Tr01 is very stable, but at the same time flexible and thus prolongs the life of the tyre. Tough the Pirelli tyres will be the cord of the belt structure, which was covered with rubber.

The Pirelli Tr01, the entrepreneur is a highly efficient, environmentally friendly and efficient product.

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