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Pirelli TH65 - high mileage thanks to optimum quality

The Pirelli TH65 proves an impressive mileage even under heavy load or on the highway. This is thanks to the optimum quality of the truck tyre , which can be used both for the medium-range as well as for long-distance transportation.

Excellent handling and optimum water displacement

The Pirelli TH65 is impressive in every respect: So this offers Pirelli with its excellent acceleration performance even in bad weather, which is due especially to the innovative tread compound and the sophisticated tread pattern. Whether on moderately worn road surfaces, on mountain roads or in the long and medium-haul transport - the Pirelli TH65 provides anywhere from optimal performance. So you can benefit from optimum water displacement in addition to safe traction and roadholding, so that made each trip more comfortable and stable. This is made possible by the wide and encircling longitudinal and transverse grooves and by the two-component tread compound in the shoulder area of ​​the Pirelli TH65, which optimizes the adhesion and the mileage again. Moreover, one can benefit from the special tread groove design, providing excellent self-cleaning and high wear resistance.

Pirelli - a premium brand from Italy

The tyre manufacturer Pirelli has long been known around the world for its powerful and impressive models. No wonder the company from Italy only high quality models and innovative technologies is still in the development and manufacture of Pirelli tyres with a. In addition, the large and comprehensive range of different models, which is suitable for the most diverse vehicle types and species.

The Pirelli TH65 one gets a robust tyre for the truck, which can score in every respect. This is thanks to this innovative tread compound and special tread pattern, so that an excellent adhesion and high mileage, even in poor weather conditions are possible in addition to an optimal water displacement.

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