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Pirelli Tg88 - excellent tyres on construction sites

It is designed for use on construction sites and mines, the Pirelli Tg88. This special tyre for drive axles, which was designed for vehicles with four-wheel drive, suitable for different use on roads and on construction sites. The Pirelli Tg88 is the typical conditions that are characterized by extreme road surfaces, extremely accessible.

Outstanding characteristics of Pirelli Tg88

In the Pirelli Tg88 shows all the know-how of the Italian company Pirelli . Particularly in the field of development of the brand Nutzreifen shines with innovative developments and ideas. Even the Pirelli Tg88 can be retreaded multiple times, giving him guarantees a considerably longer service life. The carcass has been specially designed to this claim. Thus, the total cost of the Pirelli Tg88 be significantly reduced, and it accounts for the kilometers counted less costs. In all extreme road surfaces, this tyre is characterized by an above-average traction. This also applies for wet weather conditions, in terms of traction and braking performance.

High tread compound and tread

A construction site can not compare by far with normal road conditions. For this reason, Pirelli developed this truck tyres , which has a high resistance to injuries and cracks. Nevertheless, the Pirelli Tg88 proves on paved roads good mileage. The tyre was designed so that the operating temperature is not increased too much. This has the same two advantages, firstly the retreadability is improved and on the other hand, the service life extended. To prevent possible Karkassenverletzungen, the Pirelli Tg88 has noticeably intensified in the substructure. The profile shows strong shoulder blocks, massive central rib and lateral grooves that have been optimized. This broad and deep cross grooves provide good traction on slippery surfaces.

The Pirelli Tg88, the entrepreneur is an absolutely reliable tyre that defies the most extreme conditions on the construction site. By retreadability of tyres also scores with an attractive price / performance ratio.

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