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Pirelli P 700 Z - environmentally friendly and powerful

The tyre company from Italy has long been known for its powerful models around the world. The Pirelli P 700 Z he brings now again a quality summer tyre on the market, who knows how to shine in terms of environmental friendliness.

Low rolling resistance and optimum comfort when Pirelli P 700 Z

Anyone looking for a high performance summer tyre which is convincing in terms of environmental compatibility, which is well served with the Pirelli P 700 Z with security. For this summer tyres from Pirelli presents itself even in difficult driving situations as a reliable and high-quality companion who can guarantee at all times an optimum comfort. This is due to the sophisticated tread pattern which is provided with a high number of blades and thus ensures efficient and quick water drainage. Moreover, the Pirelli P 700 Z scores with its low rolling resistance, which leads to lower fuel consumption and makes this Summer tyres environmentally friendly.

Pirelli - the world famous group from Italy

The name Pirelli is not just motorists from all over the world a concept. Founded back in 1872 by Giovanni Battista Pirelli, the Group has grown to become a major global player and distributes its powerful Pirelli tyres in countless countries worldwide. Even professionals show up again and again impressed, so that the tyres from Pirelli are to be found again and again in the first places in the tests of the journals of the high quality and innovative models.

The Pirelli P 700 Z is the world famous tyre manufacturers from Italy again his great skills. This summer tyre with its special and sophisticated profile even in adverse weather and road conditions safe and stable way. Drivers can only benefit from a rapid water drainage from a low rolling resistance and a high level of comfort, which remain unchanged even in heavy rainfall.

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