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The Pirelli P 3000

The philosophy of the Italian tyre manufacturer Pirelli has remained the same from its foundation to the present day. Only quality car tyres may the seal of this brand wear. Taking the performance of the Pirelli P 3000 times closer look, then it becomes clear why keeping the cursor at this gold rule. This tyre classic cars and sports cars can be driven up to their performance limits.

Safety and sportiness in the first place

Pirelli is an Italian tyre manufacturer, is well-known for the production of high quality sports tyres worldwide. The traditional company is active since decades in motorsport. In this way, Pirelli is gaining experience, which are used in the development of car tyres. Security and performance are thereby brought to the highest level, which makes the car Pirelli tyres for sporty drivers particularly attractive. For the Pirelli P 3000, the company uses its best developers. The result is a tyre, the driver can rely on in any situation. Tests on race tracks with high-performance vehicles prove this. The Pirelli P 3000 remains stable in any position and its properties are not lost even under extreme loads.

A sports tyre for demanding drivers

Pirelli is just like Michelin and Bridgestone on the know-how from motorsport. For this reason, tyres of the same brand as the Pirelli P 3000, extremely durable. This tyre is suitable for use on dry and wet roads. It is tested with sports cars like Porsche, Ferrari, Jaguar or Lamborghini and constantly improved by the developers. A divided into several zones tread pattern ensures better drainage. The steering is direct and the vehicle responds quickly to the driver's commands. Thanks to the special rubber compound, the braking distance is significantly shortened.

Pirelli P 3000 is a tyre of the sporting driver enough security features at any speed. Whether the vehicle is now moving on the highway or on winding country roads, does not really matter. This Pirelli tyres in any situation the necessary stability of the car and also contributes to the driving comfort.

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