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Pirelli FR01 - environmentally friendly and economical operation

The Pirelli FR01 white impress in many ways: So you are with this truck tyres even on longer routes not only very safe and comfortable, but also very economical and environmentally friendly way.

High mileage and optimum energy efficiency

The Pirelli FR01 is equipped with an innovative structure that guarantees better mileage even over long distances. This is also helped the new rubber mixtures in with, with which the tyre series Pirelli equipped. Thanks to the elaborately designed tread also have the safety and comfort features as compared to its predecessor once again improved significantly. The result is a high mileage and a very long life. At the same time offers the Pirelli FR01 with its high retreadability, which is made possible by the well-recyclable materials. The high energy efficiency is further enhanced by the low rolling resistance and the resulting low fuel consumption. At the same time scores of Pirelli FR01 with its balanced running behavior and the high noise levels, which makes this truck tyres a particularly pleasant companion for the medium-range and long-range transport.

Pirelli - an Italian success story

Founded in 1879 by Giovanni Battista Pirelli, the Italian tyre manufacturer has long been one of the biggest names in the international market. Millions of drivers from around the world appreciate the high quality and the strong operational performance of the Pirelli tyres , which can be distinguished by numerous excellent riding to all. In addition, the wide range of different models, which meets the different requirements and needs of the customers to a great extent.

The Pirelli FR01 is a thoroughly recommendable tyres, the longer distances or heavy loads present no problems. This is made possible by the sophisticated tread pattern and innovative rubber compound with which the truck tyre is equipped by Pirelli. So you can only benefit from balanced driving of a high acoustic comfort and optimum energy efficiency.

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