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Pirelli Fh55 - Robust steering tyres for trucks and buses

The Pirelli Fh55 the Italian manufacturer Pirelli combines technological innovation with the proven reliability of the Pirelli tyres. As resilient steering tyres for buses and long-distance transport, it provides with its optimized tread pattern high steering precision, smooth running and best driving comfort. The rubber compound of Pirelli Fh55 address the specific requirements of the road and prevents uneven wear, excessive rolling resistance and intense temperature developments, among which the retreadability of the tyre would suffer.

Improved tread pattern for gentle tyre use

The profile layout of Pirelli Fh55 is dominated by four straight longitudinal grooves and dense fin arrangement. The longitudinal grooves running parallel ensure high driving stability, excellent precision in steering maneuvers and operational reliability in critical traffic situations. The two central longitudinal grooves also have a stepped structure, which largely avoids stone inclusions and the underlying belt area protects against damage. When moisture and humidity help the densely distributed over the entyre profile cross blades, to keep the vehicle on track and ensure full control. In the case of retreading allows the profile of the truck tyre re-cut without difficulty and prepare it for further use.

Pirelli Fh55 - ideal for motorways and expressways

Looking at his tread compound shows the Pirelli Fh55 that he has understood the signs of the times - the mixing ratio allows uniform wear of the tyre and cause a low rolling resistance while driving. The effective control of the temperature profile in the tyre body made of Pirelli Fh55 long mileages and a uniform abrasion. The retreadability of the premium tyre is maintained and increased profitability.

The Pirelli Fh55 is a perennial tyre of great durability that impresses both in freight and in passenger transport with outstanding results. Its innovative rubber compound and the absolutely roadworthy profile layout make it the perfect tyre for trucks and buses, which are dependent on balanced quality and a constant level of performance.

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