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Robust truck tyres for long haul: The Pirelli FH15

Depth, circumferential longitudinal grooves, wide dimensions, cutouts in the shoulder blocks - no question of Pirelli FH15 has been designed for long-distance traffic. Robust treads and an extremely low profile ensure good handling characteristics over a long period. The Pneu from the assortment of truck tyres from Pirelli thus represents an economic decision for professional transport companies.

Deep profile for added durability

Characteristic of the profile of Pirelli FH15 are the four circumferential longitudinal grooves. Particularly deep they are cut. They give the truck summer tyres high driving stability, whilst reflecting for rapid water drainage concerns. Water is taken up by the road surface and removed quickly via the grooves and the adjacent transverse struts. Even when it rains, the Pirelli FH15 therefore be controlled safely and responds quickly to the brakes. Zigzag-shaped grooves are arranged to ensure optimum grip in all summer weather conditions.

Durable treads

A tyre as Pirelli FH15, which daily transports heavy loads over a long distance, of course, must be extremely robust and durable. According to the resistant tread compounds of truck tyre are held. The circular recesses of the shoulder blocks fend off small stones that rugged sides are optimally protected from cuts and cracks. Long trips on Europe's motorways and main roads are for this tyre therefore no great challenge. up to 130 km/h shall be not be dangers of Pirelli FH15 fast in speed class M.

The Italian tyre manufacturer Pirelli shows the Pirelli FH15 that he understood also to the construction of durable truck tyres. Safe and economical due to its long life, the tyre is ideal for transport companies.

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