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Petlas Tyres is an ideal collection of premium quality tyres. Established and facilitated in 1976, this company has been the most environmentally friendly tyre producer for 41 whole years. Not only is Petlas Tyres well-known for its Passenger and SUV quality tyres, but its agricultural and industrial tyres have hit the top shelves of markets as well.

Doing just a little more with Petlas Tyres

Made with the finest quality rubber and treaded with FMEA technology, Petlas Tyres come in all shapes and sizes. From passenger size to industrial, you’ll be sure to find the tyre that best fits your vehicle. Their tyre width ranges from 155 inches to over 235 inches, and is engineered with special Dual Rib Technology to provide the firmest grip even on snowy grounds. Petlas Tyres have been constructed with special Fine Silica Technology, providing firmer lateral stability and offering increased safety standards.

Petlas Tyres Price

Being such a globally recognized brand, you’d be surprised to find these tyres incredibly cheap. With Petlas Tyres prices ranging just below your budget, Petlas tyres prices stay low so the only thing high is your vehicle performance. Don’t know where to buy Petlas Tyres? Don’t worry. These cheap Petlas Tyres are available all throughout the web. Numerous websites on the net provide low-cost but premium quality Petlas Tyres online.

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