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Nordexx Tamaro: excellent tyres for vans

Is there a summer tyre which is durable, confident in traction and handling and also little cost? Yes there is, namely the tyre series Nordexx Tamaro. The Transporter tyres offer an unprecedented price-performance ratio and also see outrageously good.

The balancing act between price and performance

High quality at an attractive price - these are the two ingredients that tyres of Nordexx make so popular. The own brand of NDI Group guarantees for innovative ideas in tyres for cars and vans . Whether summer tyres or winter tyres: individual rubber mixtures used in any situation for optimum grip and more safety. As well as the different tread patterns offer the right solution which according to need. Nordexx tyres are in great demand not only in Europe but also like to buy the rest of the world.

Nordexx Tamaro: high mileage and sustainability

Who good for his van summer tyres required, the tyre series Nordexx Tamaro should not be missed. The tyres have a high load capacity and are suitable for larger loads. At the same time Nordexx Tamaro tyres offer a fantastic driving experience, both handling and traction are excellent. For safe driving in wet conditions, the specific profile of Nordexx Tamaro Pneus, which displaces the water quickly makes. Rolling resistance and wet grip are in the EU tyre label of Nordexx Tamaro with E (AG). Fuel consumption is therefore on average with these summer tyres. Convincing the other hand is the mileage of Nordexx Tamara Pneus which hardly know the word wear.

Nordexx always tries to find the best compromise between cost and performance of a tyre. When tyre series Nordexx Tamaro the manufacturer, the feat is achieved. Here the customer is buying quality tyres are outfitted with stability and grip and beat the competition hands down in price.

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