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Nordexx Stratus - a high-speed tyre for winter

The Nordexx Stratus is a reliable high-speed tyres for the winter, which fulfills all wishes for a sporty yet comfortable driving. Equipped with numerous good handling characteristics, this model also has before the test winners made ​​by Continental hide no.

Direct handling and optimum water drainage

By Nordexx Stratus renowned manufacturer presents a reliable winter tyre designed specifically for sporty drivers. So this has Nordexx-car tyres , for example, a sophisticated tread pattern which is designed asymmetrically. Thus, the driver can take advantage of a direct steering response. Even in icy or slippery surfaces the Nordexx Stratus also demonstrates superior traction and good braking performance. Not less remarkable is the high water absorption capacity of this Pneus for the winter, so that the danger of aquaplaning can be significantly reduced again.

Nordexx - a Danish Export Success

Norexx is a trademark of the internationally active NDI Group, which is well known for its high-quality tyres for cars and vans. tyres from Nordexx are developed and manufactured by the research department and the Group's innovative department in close cooperation. It is therefore not surprising that all models of the manufacturer from the Danish Brorup a high quality and long life have and know about any demand for modern vehicles. Equally worth mentioning also the excellent price-performance ratio of Nordexx tyre, so that price-conscious customers on a comprehensive quality and an attractive design is in no way do without.

By Nordexx Stratus reputation of Danish manufacturer will certainly be further strengthened. This is ensured by the numerous good running properties, which among other for excellent handling and a superior traction. Also noteworthy is the rapid drainage, which significantly reduces the risk of aquaplaning again.

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