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Nokian NTR 45 - good directional stability, high comfort

The Nokian NTR 45 is the renowned tyre manufacturer from Finland once again his great skills. The truck tyre is provided numerous good runnability what predestined ours for use in long-distance traffic.

High grip and superior traction

In the development and manufacture of the Nokian NTR 45 or great importance to a high stability and driveability even placed on longer routes. For this reason, which is truck tyres Nokian provided with an intricately designed profile that features a large number of lamellae. Thus, one can be sure that all the bodies of water are quickly and efficiently captured and removed, so that the risk of aquaplaning is present any more. In addition, the dense block profile of Nokian NTR 45 allows a high stability, which expresses itself in addition to a superior traction in a high grip on both wet surfaces and on dry asphalt. Equally noteworthy are the many stone removers in the wide main grooves of the Nokian NTR 45, so that the tyres are cleaned constantly.

Nokian - quality tyres from the far north

The Nokian brand can not only enjoy in the Finnish home a great response to. No wonder, but delivers the northernmost tyre manufacturer in the world quality models, all of which can come up with a good performance and a strong running performance. This is thanks to the many good running properties of the Nokian car tyres that make every trip a special experience.

The Nokian NTR 45 is a high performance tyre for the truck on the market, which draws attention to itself through its strong running performance and high stability. Even in difficult driving situations, one can benefit from a superior traction, a high grip and a quick and efficient drainage.

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