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Nokian NTR 32 - a consistent performer for longer missions

The Nokian NTR 32 to acquire a powerful and resistant truck tyres , wears its good performance at any time.

Low rolling resistance and high acoustic comfort

Nokian NTR 32 is in style year on safe and reliable. Even longer distances prepare this Nokian truck tyres no problems, so that you can benefit anytime, anywhere from a balanced running behavior and high driving stability. So stands the Nokian NTR 32 with its low rolling resistance, resulting in lower fuel consumption and lower CO2 emissions result. This is supported by the uniform wear pattern of this tyre made by Nokian, which is therefore very durable. The high stability and comprehensive security in turn be ensured by the wide and zigzag grooves and the specially strengthened edges of Nokian NTR 32, resulting in a high grip and optimum traction. Also the convenience comes thanks to the low noise level even in higher speed ranges is not too short.

Nokian - a tyre expert from Scandinavia

The Scandinavian tyre manufacturers are known for quality and safe models that are reliable and stable even in harsh European winter road. This also applies to the Nokian brand, which can develop and manufacture their high quality models in the Finnish Nokian. Made possible the good mileage and high quality through the continuous and intensive research and development work, so that the tyre Nokian can draw attention to themselves with major product innovations.

Nokian NTR 32 is safe and reliable even at low traveling weather and road conditions. This is made possible is provided by the sophisticated tread pattern with which these tyres for the truck. Thus, one can benefit as a driver in addition to a high skid resistance, and excellent traction of a low rolling resistance and a comprehensive vehicle stability.

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