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Nokian Nordman SX - a powerful Pneu for summer

The Nokian Nordman SX Finnish tyre manufacturer once again proves that he knows his craft. Den of summer tyres is also in adverse weather and road conditions at its best and thus contributes to an unadulterated driving pleasure to a great extent with at.

Low rolling noise and high driving stability

The Nokian Nordman SX was developed for vehicles from the small and medium-class and proves to be a more durable tyre, which knows how to impress in terms of performance all round. The latter is the elaborately designed tread pattern of this summer tyre Nokian owe, which is provided with three strong main and lateral grooves. These take care of all water masses in a short time, and discharging it from efficiently. In addition, the acoustically optimized tread grooves that absorb road noise and thus ensure a particularly high comfort during each drive. The strong shoulder blocks of the Nokian Nordman SX also offers high driving stability, even in difficult situations. Moreover, this model scores made by Nokian with its high abrasion resistance and low rolling resistance, which makes it more economical and environmentally friendly.

Nokian - a tyre manufacturer with great expertise

The tyre manufacturer from the Finnish Nokia has long become in his home to one of the major brands and attracts with its high-quality models, the points all with a high performance and an excellent performance. No wonder sets [LNK target = "/ mature / nokian / 108"] Nokian [/ LINK] but the highest value on a flawless quality so that you are safe with a model of this brand at any time and stable way.

The Nokian Nordman SX gives a quality summer tyre which is impressive in every respect. So you can enjoy as a car driver not only a quick and easy draining of water and a high level of comfort, but can also benefit from optimal efficiency and comprehensive stability of this tyre.

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