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Nexen N 3000 - quality tyres from South Korea

The company Nexen sits in South Korea, but for some years now confident with tyres, leave open only a few requests. This is where high-quality materials and a long service life at a relatively low prices. This is demonstrated not only satisfied customers, but also a lot of positive test results and reviews for Pneus as the Nexen N 3000th

Nexen: cheap and good tyres since 1942

Nexen was founded in 1942 as a tyre manufacturer in South Korea. Initially supplied to mainly Asian customers with affordable tyres. Only gradually were also the American and European market attention to the Korean manufacturer of quality tyres. The new and growing customer base Nexen expanded its product range. But not only that: It adapted its offers on the requirements and demands of the newly added markets of. was therefore needed tyres that can be used in part to American and secondly on European roads. Nexen N 3000 is a good example.

Nexen N 3000 offers a very good price-performance ratio

Nexen tried to simultaneously focus on both markets, which succeeded. Today there are a variety of series and types of tyres that are specially adapted to the peculiarities of European roads and European weather. This means that Nexen now not only offers comfortable and affordable all-weather tyres, which are very popular in Asia and in the US, but also special, summer and winter tyres for cars and trucks. Nexen N 3000 is a high quality Sommerpneu the great popularity and demand enjoys.

Nexen N 3000 is very popular, which can already be seen due to the large range of products. The inexpensive but high quality summer tyre from the South Korean manufacturer home is represented in different sizes, speeds and capacities. This is found at Nexen N 3000 certainly the right tyres for any vehicle or asking price.

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