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The Nankang RX 615

Nankang is one of the best brands that are currently represented in the tyre market. And although it is budget tyre manufacturers in terms of quality and reliability many of its competitors has progressed significantly. The Nankang RX 615 provides a visual modern design, combined with innovative technology, the sporty and comfortable makes driving at the same time.

More security for less money

The Taiwanese tyre brand Nankang has since expanded not only in the European market. Now the company is working diligently to conquer the American and Australian markets. If one observes the quality and attractive prices of Nankang tyres, then you could be sure of the success of this project. Nankang tyres are long first-class products, which also numerous tests carried out in accordance with European safety standards can confirm. For the constant progress is the company's engineers care. They integrate during the development phase of new technical innovations in Nankang tyres, thus ensuring the highest safety standards. According to test results the Nankang RX 615 is completely reliable and inexpensive at the same time. For this reason, he is one of the most popular summer tyres in Tyres.NET.

A high-quality summer tyre for a small price

Nankang's just like Sava or Jinyu known for cheap tyres. Although inexpensive, quality and reliability are paramount. Summer tyres as the Nankang RX 615 can confirm this. This tyre model has the statutory, 01 July 2012 European tyre hedgehog. This proves that the Nankang RX 615 is equal to any situation on the road during the warm season. Specially designed tread grooves allow a particularly high wet grip and reduce the risk that arises when aquaplaning. Improved fuel efficiency and low rolling noise are also characteristics that the Nankang RX 615 mark.

Owners of cars can significantly save money and endangering still on safety and comfort when they opt for tyres as the Nankang RX 615th This model promises an outstanding performance in virtually all car classes.

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