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The Mitas CT 02 - tough guy for all applications

The Mitas CT 02 is a truck tyre for rough terrain: suitable as all-terrain tyres not only for combined road and construction sites, as well as all-season tyres used.

Solid performance for heavy duty applications

The Mitas CT 02 is a tyre for rough terrain: as All Terrain tyres it comes with not only the road but also in building site cope extremely well. Its wide tread provides traction on virtually all substrates, through the excellent self-cleaning function of the tyre and the set far apart tread blocks in the shoulder area he digs even in the most difficult ground conditions persevering forward. The profile and the specially developed rubber compound additionally ensure good grip and a good transfer of braking forces on the ground. Because of its particularly good traction of Mitas CT can 02 rather than summer tyres are certainly also used throughout the year in the construction industry. He has both in the wet and on wintry roads really good performance on, beyond its high mileage for economy and its solidity for a long service life even with hard use provides.

Czech quality brand

The Czech producer Mitas produces mainly tyres for agricultural vehicles, motorcycles and special vehicles, such as forklifts and snowmobiles. In addition, he is also one of the largest manufacturers of aircraft tyres. The tyres produced by Mitas are characterized mainly by high durability and robustness, the performance are in almost all areas there among the best.

The Mitas CT 02 is a truck tyre for all terrain use, which is characterized mainly by its robustness and excellent traction on all surfaces. Its outstanding off-road characteristics make it suitable as an all-season tyre for combined road and construction sites.

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