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The Mitas C 20 - New Generation on champion level

The tyres MC series, which also includes the motorcycle tyres Mitas C 20 belongs, was developed specifically for use in the World Cup. The C 18 is the specialist for soft surfaces, which C 20 for hard floors. The associated front is the C 19. The performance of all three tyre is actually world record-breaking.

Developed for the World Cup

For the World Cup a motocross tyre series has been completely redesigned and developed: the C 18 and C 20, the two rear wheels to C 19, the front tyre, which can be used with both rear wheels. The Mitas C 20 is formulated for use on medium and hard floors, has a completely new development of the next generation over a much larger proportion of positive profile and offers especially in the acceleration phase, a very good traction. Typical of the entyre MC range is mainly the high directional stability of the motorcycle summer tyres , the Mitas C 20 can furthermore also score with a particularly high braking effect and a very high stability even in severe slopes. This makes it not only an outstanding competition tyre, but also in everyday use at a great tyre for off-road.

Mitas - Czech top technology

Especially in motocross sport has the Czech manufacturer Mitas which is headquartered in Prague, long a good and good name. In addition, Mitas produces but also with the use of advanced technology from Continental and Michelin special tyres for trucks, forklifts and all agricultural vehicles, as well as tyres for airplanes. In the motorcycle section Mitas is the successor company of Barum and the famous manufacturer Trelleborg, which was acquired by Mitas of 2010.

The Mitas C 20 is part of a series that has been designed specifically for the World Cup, and there the specialist for medium to hard floors. High traction, directional stability and enormous excellent performance during braking distinguish him.

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