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The Mitas C 12 - at home in snow and ice

The Mitas C 12 is the motocross tyre for winter use. As a specialist, especially for deep snowy terrain of making motorcycle tyre amazing here. The Mitas C 12 is only available for the rear wheel.

Snow and ice deserts not scare him

The Mitas C 12 is a motorcycle winter tyres , especially for heavy terrain and for use on motocross bikes. He has at the rear incredible traction, biting virtually fixed in any wintry terrain and also provides the deep loose snow and snow on smooth slopes optimum propulsion. This is its main domain, and there are also his performances at the highest level. Even on wet rocky outcroppings, the off-road tyres, however, has been proven often. Together with a matching front tyre, he ensures that the machine can cope with practically any winter terrain. The rubber compound used is at Mitas C 12 extremely tough and thus against damage highly resistant - despite the relatively hard compound tyre but a high adhesion in wintry terrain scored. Especially the use of different rubber compounds for different applications in the offroad segment is a mark of the manufacturer, who has long given him a good reputation in the motocross area. Identification mark: the continuous white stripe on the edge of the profile.

Mitas - Czech top quality

The Czech producer Mitas is a member of the Continental Group with already moving history: first a license manufacturer of Michelin, followed by Barum. Also Trelleborg tyres are produced since, the original profiles were maintained, and today under the name Mitas extreme are sold. The focus of production is tyres for commercial vehicles, such as forklifts, for aircraft tyres, and tyres in the agricultural sector. In the motorcycle tyre manufacturer is especially true as a specialist in the offroad segment and in difficult terrain.

The Mitas C 12 is a rear tyre which is designed for motocross bikes in severe wintry terrain, and there has a lot of traction and grip.

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Mitas C12

As reliable and authentic motorcycle tyres, Mitas C12 are brilliant tyres that are designed with tread geometry and bridge element arrangement that leads to more traction delivered and stable drive in challenging conditions.
Mitas C12 are champions of mud and soft terrains with same excellence and efficiency. Even in the stickiest mud on and off-road rides, they can take you to the destination safely with no fear or hassle.

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